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Welcome to the homepage of feudalistic Dynasties

Feudalistic Dynasties is an open-source (GPL, read more) turn-based strategy game, which was developed using SDL and other free libraries. The best of all is: these libraries are cross-plattform so you can compile feudalistic Dynasties on various plattforms.

Feudalistic Dynasties is placed in the time of feudality in the early middle ages. As a king of a fictitious European dynasty you have to manage and occupy settlements and to recrute units within them. Setting vasalls into settlements those settlements are bounded stronger to your kingdom and profit with some bonuses. Above all the inhabitants are humanized. A more detailed description you can find here.

Please note that feudalistic Dynasties is still in pre-alpha status, so some features may not be implemented. To see which features are yet implemented read the NEWS item of the last release of the game.

You also can read the NEWS item here.

To see what has changed read the ChangeLog item of the last release of the game.

You can also read the ChangeLog item here.